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The Money Thing

If we are going to make a difference in reducing the mass euthanasia of companion animals (at least 5000 healthy, adoptable dogs are deliberately destroyed every day), it will take more than shuffling dogs through various rescues/homes and extensive spay/neutering programs.

Feeding Our “Extraordinary Dogs”

The proof is in the appearance and behavior of the dogs . . . all are a healthy weight (a couple are prone to “chunkiness”), their appetites are good meaning they eat at a normal pace and not over-voraciously, coats are shiny and thick, their eyes are clear, bright and sparkle, and, last but not least, feces have a well-formed consistency.

A “Godwink” from Annie

Annie seemed to be asleep on the passenger side and the vet quietly opened the door. She came with the drugs and needle in hand. Annie lifted her head, looked at the vet and the needle, then stood up and moved away from the veterinarian and lay down close to me and faced her as if to say, “oh, no you don’t.”

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