We have spent the last two years not only actively rescuing and rehabilitating some of the neediest and “least desirable” impounded strays, dogs who had been labeled as “feral” and/or “unadoptable,” but studying the causes for owner surrenders and low adoption rates.

Our research indicates that the reasons for owners’ surrendering or not reclaiming their dogs, is a lack of understanding of dog behavior, “mismanagement,” and lack of appropriate and meaningful training.    This leads to the public perception that these unwanted/surrendered shelter dogs are damaged goods and unworthy of a second chance or look.



While active rescue and strong spay and neuter programs are important strategies to reducing the kill rates, those in itself are simply not enough.  Owners line up on a daily basis to surrender their dogs, and facilities fill up as quickly as rescues pull dogs out.  The mass euthanasia has to be stopped at the source . . . reducing or eliminating the disposal/surrender of companion animals by their owners, and this will only happen if humans finally learn to value the worth of a dog.  Our program focuses on teaching every dog in our care to be a true partner and helpmate for their human.

Thus, an important and critical component of our mission is to educate the public about canine ethology and emotional intelligence by showcasing the unique inherent talents of these dogs that we discover and nurture through our individualized training and enrichment  program.

We are developing a downloadable application in PDF format for anyone who is in need of an assistance, therapy, or special tasks dog.  Until then, please use the contact form to notify us of your interest and needs.

The future of our dogs depends on your generosity and kind heart!

We welcome and appreciate every donation, whether it’s a one-time amount or a recurring, monthly amount.  All contributions go to the direct care of the dogs.  Extraordinary Dogs Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity.  All donations are tax deductible.

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