DSC_0014-2Tosca, checking out one of the new pens.


Well, it’s been a weekend of doggie adventures.

I was really proud that I added two more dog pens . . . I needed the extra since I’ve increased the outdoor training with my group . . . a nice temporary hold when the horses are out or when I’m working with a different group.  None of the dogs is ever isolated and share the space with at least one buddy.



I tested the first one out on Jack, my big Aussie.  It’s a nice shady area between the horse corral and the barn.  He seemed to like it as he was checking everything out so I went back into the house where I left some terriers playing in the living room.    You can’t leave terriers unsupervised in the house too long unless you want everything redecorated.   Fortunately, everybody inside was looking out through the sunroom windows at a herd of deer in the east pasture.  I had a fleeting thought . . . good thing Jack was on the west side of the house.  At that point, I decided I better check, just in case . . .



Sure enough, Jack had apparently found a “weak spot” and had taken off in hot pursuit. He was nowhere in sight, and neither were the deer.   As soon as I called him,  he appeared on the other side of the fence and was trying to find a way back in.    He jumped the fence “on the way out,” but couldn’t remember how to get back in.   As he was trotting along the fence line, I noticed a “trophy” in his mouth.  Hopefully it wasn’t somebody’s chicken.

As big as he is, he just wants to play with little things, and has never killed anything.  I’ve caught him carrying one of my ducks once, and he dropped it unharmed as soon as he was told.  So I couldn’t imagine that he would deliberately kill a chicken.



When I got to the fence and showed him the low spot so he could get back in, I saw that it was a small piece of deer hide.  No wonder he was so proud.   In his mind he had caught the deer and brought home his trophy.  I told him to “drop it” , which he promptly did, and he climbed back into the yard.

Somewhere, there is a deer running around with a missing patch of skin off his ass.  I hope he’s ok.



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