If you’re looking for your next “best friend,”  here are 7 important reasons for adopting from  EXTRAORDINARY DOGS INC.

1.     We rescue “death row” dogs, so you would be saving a precious life.  We are NOT a “middleman” or a “broker.”  EVERY dog comes from a kill facility, and many were just minutes from being destroyed. Most of these dogs have been neglected in care and training, and left to fend for themselves. Not all are abused, but all are unappreciated.  Most are very bright, resilient and eager to live and learn.  They all deserve a chance at a new life.   Every dog I have pulled from the pound has been a joy and delight

2.     Our dogs are fully vetted and we disclose to you and deal with any health or behavior concerns or issues.   Their emotional health is as important to us as the physical.  Dogs on “death row” are in survival mode, so what you see in the shelter is not always what “surfaces” when you get them home.  Many are mislabeled as aggressive or feral, while others appear docile and friendly and quickly learn to escape the confines of their new home by digging under or climbing fences. Owners who surrender their dogs are not always honest about their reasons.   By keeping them with us, in a home environment,  until they have “de-escalated” enough to show their true nature and taking the time to help the dog through any “baggage,”   we eliminate the “guesswork” for potential adopters.

3.     The dogs live in our homes so that they are acclimated to various groups of dogs, cats, and horses.  They have to learn to walk politely through the house and not counter cruise.  They learn to accept treats politely in a group and share resources.  They have to adjust to “pack shuffles” and deal with new energy in their pack.  I have dealt with many clients who brought their dogs for a training session because they were ready to return the dog to the shelter or kennel based rescue.  The reason they gave was that the dog was not what the shelter portrayed.

4.     They are housetrained, crate trained, and learn how to travel in a vehicle.  They are also started on all the basic cues/skills including loose-leash walking.

5.     We go to great lengths to find the dogs’ special talents and use it in their training program. Play therapy and enrichment activities are an important component of their training.  Many are started in our therapy/service program, agility obstacles, and clicker training.  ALL of therm learn how to have fun while learning new skills.  The end result is a happy and well-adjusted dog.

6.     We provide a free private session for you and your newly adopted dog so that both of you can learn together to have a happy life. 

7.      We do our best to match the dog with the perfect home and owner, and the dog has a “say” in where he or she goes.   It’s one of our greatest strengths . . . to match the dog to the owner’s needs and lifestyle.

Please contact us if you have questions about any of the dogs on our website.  We have a waiting list for some of the dogs listed, so be sure to complete the application form here and check the terms of adoption.

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