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I hadn’t been to Roswell Animal Control in two weeks, mostly because I had training and maintenance tasks at home to deal with.  So when I walked into the pound on Thursday, it was a warm reception  . . . and I have grown quite fond of many of the staff who work there.   As soon as Sandy, the vet-tech saw me, she took me into the kennels and said, “look at this beauty that we just took in today.”

I have learned to trust Sandy’s assessment of dogs.  Many of my best rescues are the ones that she literally handed to me and said, “He’s been here too long ”   . . . reading between the lines, “Please save him so I don’t have to euthanize him tomorrow.”  I know a dog is exceptionally special when Sandy insists I take a look.   I did, and I saw what she saw.

Every dog has a story and when you stand in front of them, look into their eyes and listen with your heart, you’ll hear what they have to tell you.  Some are begging, pleading, and hanging on the cage door ” . . . please, please PLEASE take me with you!”  (that’s how I got Sunshine out . . . it worked); others cower quietly in a corner, approach the door cautiously with an occasional wag of the tail as if to say ” . . .  are you here to help or hurt me?  Maybe I’ll just breathe here and not cause problems and become invisible.”   Others are so frightened and stressed that they either hide in a corner or under the bed, and only their rapid panting is a clue to high anxiety that  borders on cardiac arrest.

But this little boy in Cage/Kennel 2 was different.


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He had been covered in ticks so he had been a stray for quite awhile.  The fact that someone didn’t love enough to look for him when he disappeared always grips my heart.  His eyes are soft and liquid as he quietly returns your gaze.  He leans casually against the gate while you talk to him and you can almost hear him whisper, “I’ll take anything that life throws at me, and I’ll still trust and love.  I am determined to be happy and to find joy in all of life.”

Yes, I have my eye on him . . . a precious red, wire-haired terrier who is surely the light in someone’s life.


If you are interested in helping us save this boy, please follow this thread on Death Row Dogs of SE New Mexico. You can pledge money for his rescue, like and share so that hopefully his forever home steps up.   He has until Wednesday, June 4th, his due out date.  After that, he is listed for euthanasia. 


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