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It’s time for a wake-up call . . . and one that should hit rescuers right between the eyes.

When conditions have been so bad for such a long time at a place like Roswell Animal Control,  people become desperate and look for miracles, and more often than not, these “miracles” arrive in the form of questionable organizations or “saviors” that make promises and plans that they have no intention of delivering, and in the end do more harm than good. . . . and we believe them and fall for their talk because we want to . . . after all, they want to save dogs, they must be “good people.”

I have spent a lot of time researching what possibly happens to missing dogs and cats and was appalled at what I found.   Pets are stolen everyday and many on death row are pulled/rescued. . . we hope that most go to good homes. That’s not always the case.  Some shelters present themselves as “no kill” and then transfer “unadoptable” animals to kill facilities, or worse.  Tragically, many of them end up in places that are referred to as “class B random source dealers,” the scum of the earth because these people profit from the inhumane treatment and torture of companion animals.

The USDA requires “dog dealers” to have a license:

Any person who breeds, purchases, or otherwise acquires animals to sell for use in research, testing, or education is classified as a dealer under the AWA138. The AWA requires that dealers be licensed by the USDA as either Class A or Class B dealers. A USDA-licensed Class B dealer is defined as a person “whose business includes the purchase and/or resale of any animal139.” Class B dealers may also breed animals140. There are two types of Class B dealers that supply animals to education: those who obtain animals from random sources (Class B random source dealers) (See Appendix A. Tables 1. and 2.), and biological supply companies (See Appendix A. Table 3.). A USDA-licensed Class A dealer, on the other hand, breeds animals for sale to research and teaching facilities141. — from “Dying to Learn”

Places like the one portrayed in the video are the norm and not the exception . . . the “bunchers” who supply these facilities with the dogs get them from shelters and pounds, want ads, and also steal them from back yards.  Bunchers do not have to be licensed.

These class B dealers house the animals in cramped, dirty, unsanitary conditions.  Sick ones are left to die and rot.  If the dog is heartworm positive, it is shot in the head and the heart is cut out and sold to research facilities.  “Suitable” dogs are then sold to research facilities for over a hundred dollars- – – bunchers get paid ten to twenty dollars per dog.

If you love animals and are involved in rescues, you need to watch this undercover investigation, and you need to watch it through to the end, because at least in this one case, there is a good ending.  It is not an easy video and it will change you . . . but we all need to make sure we don’t bury our heads in the sand when it comes to WHERE WE SEND OUR DOGS WHEN WE PULL THEM FROM THE POUND OR SHELTER.

I will never stop asking questions . . . especially when an animal’s life is at stake.


USDA list of Class B dealers

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