He’s barely 5 pounds and easily fits in my purse or camera bag . . . but his heart is as big as the Montana sky.   My Willie . . . probably my biggest “foster failure” to date.


As I watch him busily choosing his favorite toys, carrying them here and there, bringing them on my lap, or snuggling in my arms when he finally gets tired, I think back to that day a few months ago when I saw him at Roswell Animal Control.  He was “green-dotted” (when they still cared enough to work with rescues) . . . next in line for euthanasia.  He was so little, stood bravely by the gate and looked straight into my eyes each time I walked by.  I already had taken two “code red” dogs and my facility/home was rapidly filling up, so I thought to myself that as cute as he is, somebody will either tag or adopt him, and headed to the truck.





I had already started the engine and sat there for awhile contemplating.  This was not the first time that I could possibly make the assumption that a dog would be “safe,”  an assumption that had proven fatal for dogs in the past.   When the image of his little face with the “RIP” label flashed before me, I quickly turned the engine off, rushed back into the pound and took him .  As soon as I had him in my arms, I knew it was the right decision.


Willie always knows where I am on the property . . . my personal GPS tracker!  One day, he had gotten into the horse pasture.  His whole purpose was to find an open door into the house . . . he knew there was access to one through the barn.  When I called him, he appeared on the other side of the 7 foot “hog panel” that made up the perimeter.  Quickly and carefully he climbed it and then trusted me to grab him from the top.


I will never understand why he was at the “death camp”, why no one loved him enough to look for him.  He is so perfect in every way . . .  happy and delightful . . . with an incredible enthusiasm for all things new and for life.


He will walk to the end of the earth to find me . . . of that I am certain.   I call his name, and he somehow finds a way to get to me.


My darling Willie has such a grip on my heart.  I will never be lost as long as he  is in my life.





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THANK YOU . . .  from ALL of us !


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