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Being a small nonprofit operation has both advantages and disadvantages . . . one of the drawbacks is getting enough money to keep everyone taken care of.  Adoption fees never cover the amount of money that we spend to get the dog into “adoptable shape.”   So, I’m experimenting with different types of fundraisers that don’t require a large initial commitment of monies that are set aside for dog food and vet costs.

I still have hope for this fundraiser,  HOLIDAY LOVE, and they have a great assortment of design possibilities.  Apparently 50 T-shirts is the minimum goal by their requirements.   So, I’ll continue with the campaign until it ends on Nov. 24th.  Please remember that you are NOT charged until the campaign reaches its goal of 50 shirts (I feel like I’m back in elementary school . . . having to sell chocolate bars! )

The back of the T-shirt has a powerful message that needs to be shared.  We all believe that EVERY dog can and is extraordinary, including those who are trapped on “death row.”

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There is also an option on this site to donate more, but this company charges 8% on any amount over the cost of the shirt.  If you would rather donate without buying a shirt, please use the paypal button below.

As always, we are so grateful for any amount you can give us.


Use this “BUY NOW” button for single, one time payments.


(Donations will appear under OHK PHOTOGRAPHY until the tax-exempt status for EXTRAORDINARY DOGS is finalized.)


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