I have researched dog foods extensively and done my own informal non-scientific “studies” with my own dogs.  In my previous posts, I recommended Taste of the Wild and I had been using it, but noticed that I had to feed more of it for the dogs to maintain their weight.  This was true for the small as well as larger dogs.  So the fact that it was one of the lower-priced and supposedly high quality dog foods was a moot point since I had to buy more bags.  It’s also manufactured by Diamond, which has had several recalls on some its brands.

For those who do not realize, many of the dog food manufacturers share plants, so that speaks volumes.

But I was still willing to use it if I could get some breaks on the cost, so I contacted the company about coupons, grants or discounts for rescues and nonprofits.  Here was the reply:

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My most favorite brand which the dogs do really well on is the PureVita made by KLN, and their sales representative responded with an offer of coupons and an enhanced loyalty program.     So I have replaced Taste of the Wild with PureVita and NutriSource grain free, and it has not only helped my budget, but the dogs like it and are holding up well . . . their “poop” is healthier  (yes, it’s important to check that when you’re cleaning up the yard)

I also contacted Zignature but had concerns because they manufacture for a global company that carries dog food made in southeast Asia, China, etc.    . . . big red flag to me.  It took the rep 4 days to respond to my emails.   She claims that it is high-quality and wanted to send me a brochure.  As far as cost breaks, they work with only one foundation, the Lucy Foundation, and from what I can tell, it’s a mobile spay/neuter clinic run by one veterinarian and services only specific locations in California.

Good nutrition is extremely important especially for these dogs who have suffered from neglect and eaten the junk that the animal control facilities feed them.  Rescue organizations depend on donations so I will support a company that is willing to support nonprofits by giving them a little price break without having to compromise on the quality.

If you want to research dog food on your own, go to Dog Advisor which gives a pretty good analysis.  Remember that this post as well as anything on Dog Advisor represent the opinions of the respective author.  Every dog is different and only you can tell which dog food is the best.  Based on the analysis in Dog Advisor, I certainly would not use any that does NOT have at least a 4 star rating which is compiled here.


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