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These warning posts crop up quite frequently and should serve not so much as an alarm but a warning to all pet owners to be AWARE and to trust your intuition/sixth sense/gut feeling when it comes to your pets.  That is how they communicate with you.


When I was searching for groomers for my dogs, I never worried about how they would be treated. I assumed (falsely) that they must be kind and loving in their treatment of the animals.  Than I watched some at the big chain pet stores,  and I noticed that some of mine would return from the groomer with a cough (trachea stress from the noose) and become tense when I would brush them.  So I learned enough about grooming to do my own.  I never use the noose around their necks on the grooming table and I stretch out the time.  One day we do the prep and dematting, if necessary, next day bath and finish.  It’s so much less stressful.


I also used to believe that every veterinarian is a compassionate animal lover.  Then I got involved with rescuing animals from Roswell Animal Control and learned that there are some who have crossed to the “dark side,” by providing poor or no care for homeless animals that they considered “disposable.”


My caveat here is to KNOW YOUR VETERINARIAN .  I have used the same vet for 20 years.  She knows that I will research and question, and she respects that.  I know I can go to her and simply state, “I have this feeling that something is not right here,” and we go from there.  And 99% of the time, I am right that something was amiss.


Most vets are NOT nutritionists and the honest ones will tell you so.  Their veterinary studies cover the medical aspects of every type of animal, and much like western human medicine, nutrition is superficially covered.  So they are really not in a position to recommend or promote dog food.  For my dog’s nutrition, I rely on my own research and always supplement with home-cooked foods.  I am not a proponent of raw food simply because I have learned from experience that dogs’ digestive systems are too “domesticated” to handle raw foods like their more wild ancestors.  It’s too hard on their digestive systems, and I worry more about the bacteria residing in today’s uncooked food supply.  But that is MY experience and I have had and continue to have many varieties of dogs.


The information covered in this link is not “just rumors.”  Those of us who are trying to reform the “animal control system” (like Roswell’s “death camp”) have been trying to find out what happens to the animals who simply disappear from the records, why the intake numbers are NOT consecutive, and where the euthanized pets go (they claim the landfill.)


Pets are big industry and everything revolves around the almighty dollar, including in the pet food industry.  Rendering plants DO exist, euthanized pets ARE included in some dog foods, and manufacturers WILL lie to the extent “legally possible”  to protect their profits, and these undercover videos are proof.


If you care about your pets and/or animals, be inquisitive and mistrustful.  A caring and competent veterinarian will understand that.  Do your homework,  and be attentive to your pets . . . they will send you a clear message when something is not right . . . but you have to aware enough to hear it.


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