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I considered just ignoring this private message, but I’m a firm believer in education and that people usually are doing the best they can with what they have, until they learn to see other options.   Some of the statements concern me because they point to a subtle “trap” and because of what we’re dealing with at Roswell Animal Control, need to be addressed.



It’s difficult to have intelligent discourse about anything, anywhere,  when some people can’t distinguish between a fact and an opinion and are so quick to personalize something.  As an example, this came up in two different, independent Facebook threads about the Roswell Humane Society.


In this statement, “I heard that they return dogs that they’ve rescued to animal control when they’re not adopted.”   It’s a FACT that I heard this statement . . . it’s NOT a fact that they return dogs UNLESS I HAVE CONCRETE PROOF.  I’m not investigating the humane society so I’m not seeking proof. . . they are not the ones who are killing companion animals on a daily basis.   I am guessing that some of their returns have to do with behavior or health, again, it’s an OPINION, and if that’s the case, then the question needs to be asked, why did animal control not adequately evaluate the animal before releasing it?  Those of us who have been working to change things at Roswell Animal Control already know the answer.


When you’re trying to get to facts, you follow leads and leads are usually OPINIONS . . . that’s called INVESTIGATING.  I go to great lengths to research and publish facts on my blog about Roswell Animal Control, and when I state something as a FACT, I do my best to include the source.   As far as Facebook is concerned, I’m expressing an opinion . . .  which is my right. Everyone can agree or disagree, that’s THEIR right.






First of all, I usually post the “whole story” . . . but you have to  READ it.  Secondly, this statement is so sad and very bothersome to me because it only demonstrates that people who buy into this “appeasement tactic” don’t understand what is really at stake.


I’ve compared Roswell Animal Control to a “death camp” . . . their mindset is control and extermination . . .  THIS HAS NOT CHANGED.   If you talk to survivors of any type of “death camp,” they will tell you that the ones they despised the most were their “fellow inmates” who collaborated with their captors.   How did the Nazi’s convince Jews (and other indigents that they were planning to eradicate) to “cooperate”, to work FOR them? . . .  they threatened them with the lives of the others . . . they used their compassion against them.


So how will my stating an opinion or EXPOSING FACTS  “hurt the dogs?”  They’re going to retaliate by killing more animals, by shutting us out of a public facility?  So we’re supposed to say only “nice things” about animal control?   They can choose to do those things without any provocation, and it only validates the evil-mindedness and ignorance of the people who kill the animals.  Appeasement does NOT work and only enables more power plays on their part.  The animals still die, and it’s not my “opinion” that is sticking the deadly needle in that pet’s vein.


We’re at a point of no-return in this “war” to reform Roswell Animal Control, and it is a “war” . . . and we’re nearing the “11th hour.”  The staff in key positions there know that their jobs are now in jeopardy, and are now resorting to desperate measures, even attempting to “reach out” to rescues (even though they still continue to kill — interestingly the number of animals in the garage kennels has increased).  That’s analogous to Hitler asking Israel how to make things “better”  while still continuing with their “death camps.”  Too little too late.


Think back to June, July, August 2014, when rescues were banned and animal control was destroying 6-10 animals per DAY.  I was there considering “adopting” a dog while Sandy and Joseph were literally screaming at me to make a decision NOW because the dog is “going down.” Who has forgotten little Shiloh?  He was destroyed by Sandy because she knew killing a puppy would stab us all in the heart . . . there were other dogs, older and had been there longer. . . they could have given him more time.



Do you think these people can be trusted to change?  I trust them as much as I would trust Hitler.  Power is addictive and these people are not about to let go of power.


So please don’t give me the line of “working with animal control” or “everyone working together” if the “everyone” includes animal control.  How many of us have pleaded with them to buy the animals more time or release an animal early because it needed medical care, and were adamantly turned down?  They only care about keeping the system in place . . . and it’s a system of extermination . . . NO different from the Nazis, or the “ethnic cleansing” of Yugoslavia, and so many other places on this planet.  We’re talking about a mindset that is entrenched in darkness and disregard for life.  Whether the victim is human or not, the mentality and philosophy are the same . . . extermination of a group they consider unworthy of living.

PicMonkey Collage deathcamp



When I re-posted a photo of a dog in a kennel that clearly showed the bed leaning against the wall, the owners of the photo stated they did not want their photo used for “negative purposes.” How was it “negative” to point out that the dog was not able to use the bed?  Then it was followed by a series of photos that showed other dogs with beds correctly placed.  For what purpose? We’re supposed to be delighted that some of the kennel workers remembered to put the beds down so the dogs did not have to lie on the cold and damp concrete floor?  I’m not satisfied with the “crumbs” that animal control tosses to rescues and expects us to hail them as heroes.  WE STILL DON’T GET ACCESS TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM AND GARAGE KENNELS, AND THEY ARE STILL KILLING ANIMALS EVEN THOUGH SPACE IS NOT NEEDED, AND THEY STILL DO NOT GET ADEQUATE VETERINARY CARE.   It’s very easy to get sucked into the collaboration/appeasement game, and it’s always about power with manipulation as a tool.


Reform is not for the faint of heart.  The bottom line is ALWAYS the life of the animal.  They have no voice.   They’re still being destroyed because the city chooses to interpret “humane disposal” as “euthanasia.”  The reason that more have not been killed is due to some exceptional people WORKING TOGETHER to get them out responsibly, despite the roadblocks that animal control throws in their way.  And these people have NOT succumbed to manipulation.


People become unethical because of their actions . . .  .  sadly some people (and their hearts, if they have one) seldom change for the better.  I make no qualms of attributing this label to particular staff at Roswell Animal Control because THEIR ACTIONS HAVE DEMONSTRATED A LACK OF ETHICS, PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL, and it’s something that I and others have witnessed and documented.



I think a line is crossed when a life is deliberately taken FOR NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON,  and especially if it’s the life of a weaker and “voiceless” entity, and done so repeatedly.  How does any kind of “serial killer” find his or her way back to the light ?


If we ever find the answer, we’ll have a way to save this world and all its beautiful creatures, including ourselves.




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