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(Image courtesy of  Soul Mates – Angel with Dog Palette Knife Painting Judy Mackey)

The dogs and I have beautiful and amazing friends and supporters. Like most people and organizations who answer the call to save animals from the “death row” of high kill shelters like Roswell, we live paycheck to paycheck and the care of the animals always comes first. I specialize in training/teaching and need the capability to video my sessions so that people could understand that these dogs are NOT “damaged goods,” but rather quick and eager learners.

I only have one camera that is video capable, and it was too big to attach to myself, and too fragile to set on a tripod with dogs around.  So after Christmas, I was hoping that some GoPro users had Santa provide them with an upgraded camera and they might be willing to donate the lower-end camera.  Purchasing one would have meant dipping into my dog food fund, and then scrambling for funds at the end of the month.

About a week ago, I got a message from a friend whom I consider our SPECIAL ANGEL:  “Amazon and I have your GoPro.  Send me your shipping address.”   She donates regularly to my spay/neuter fund, to my dog food fund, is an advocate for saving lives, loves her own pets unabashedly, supports the reform of high-kill shelter, and is one of the most generous souls in heart and spirit.



I love and admire this woman not just for the generosity she shows to my animals and those of others . . . she helps so many, so often . . . but also for her grace and her quiet charm.

I don’t have permission to use her name, and I suspect she is too modest and would blush at this post . . . I just want to say thank you, in a big way.  The dogs and I know you, and you have a special place in our hearts.

To our “special angel,” . . . thank you for all you do, not just for us, but for so many who just need a little help.  The world, and certainly the lives of my dogs, are so much better because you are an unforgettable part of it.



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