I grieve for every animal that has to suffer at the hands of a human, and then ends up being murdered in a heartless facility because no one loved him or her enough to look for him.  So many are killed needlessly in animal control facilities nationwide, but Roswell, New Mexico, has to be dubbed the most degenerate and heartless of any facility on this planet.

Among the many who crossed my path and whom I couldn’t save, was Shiloh, whose sweet face still haunts me, and most recently, Noah . . . who never stood a chance from the time his little neck was wrapped in the noose of the “catch pole” . . . will we ever know the real story of his short life?

A kind volunteer spotted his injury as soon as he was dragged by a kennel worker into the cage at Roswell Animal Control.  He had just been dipped or “sprayed/power washed” with a flea treatment and was shivering as he sat on the cold concrete and tried to assess what had happened to him.  Blood was dripping from his mouth and he seemed to be unable to close his jaw.

Because of Roswell Animal Control’s history of lying and animal neglect and cruelty, we suspected that he “sustained” the injury AFTER intake.  We requested a copy of his incident report, even though we knew that those notes could be easily altered  “after the fact.”  So, here’s what is on the report.  According to this, Noah was “assessed” and immediately euthanized.  Notice the times.  Yet a volunteer videotaped him in his kennel that day and rescues managed to arrange transport for him and were trying to get him released early based on medical need.


incident noah1


incident noah3



incident noah4


incident noah 5


We also asked for his medical records (not the first dog or cat  we’ve requested this for) . . . I include this statement on each FOIA/IPRA request.  Roswell has been in trouble already in past years with the Department of Justice for not responding to FOIA requests . . . they refused to answer about 30% and my guess is they have not yet learned their lesson.  Remember that the contract for services by Querencia are paid with TAXPAYER money.





The city responds as follows:

ind contractor


So, the city is basically acknowledging that Querencia LLC, under Dr. Leandro Gutierrez, is totally responsible for the operation of Roswell Animal Control . . . which means that EVERY ANIMAL THAT IS ABUSED, NEGLECTED, DESTROYED IS DONE SO WITH THE APPROVAL, AND BLESSING, OF DR. GUTIERREZ.  Now do you readers and animal advocates understand why COMPLAINTS AGAINST HIM MUST BE FILED WITH THE STATE VETERINARY BOARD AS FREQUENTLY AS POSSIBLE, AND FOR EVERY ANIMAL THAT HAS VETERINARY TREATMENT WITHHELD?

Below is the “tag” that ACO’s document animals that they bring into the facility.  Please remember that the kennel manager is Sandy Evans, who is employed by Querencia, and who also collects and provides the information for the FOIA requests.  Look at this carefully . . . if Noah was so severely injured that he “required” euthanasia, why was he dipped and placed in the general kennels, instead of the garage or emergency kennels?  What do you think the chances are that the statement circled in red was added after the fact?


intake noah6


So . little Noah, like many others, was doomed.  A young dog who could have healed because a rescue was willing to give him the vet care that the city denied him.  I CONFIRMED THAT HE HAD A VET APPOINTMENT THE NEXT MORNING AND TRANSPORTATION.  So the question remains:  Why not give this dog a chance at life when it would cost the city NOTHING?  Why destroy him, unless RAC has something to hide.


noah (1 of 1)


He had no one to hold and hug him,  and whisper to  him he would be safe.  No one grieved or missed him.  No one took the time to know and love him.  He was alone.  He simply disappeared like a shadow in the darkness of the hellhole where he was murdered, and his last memory was one of pain and fear, instead of the loving arms of a compassionate human.

Every life matters . . . he was here once, and should be remembered, in some way.

If Noah, and animals like him, matter to you, and if you are as enraged about his demise as I am, then PLEASE DO SOMETHING!

  • Your tears won’t save the next one, but by filing FOIA/IPRA requests with the city, they will eventually understand that EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL IN THAT FACILITY IS BEING MONITORED AND THAT WE WILL PURSUE JUSTICE FOR THEM UNTIL EVERY DOG AND CAT IN THAT FACILITY IS SAFE.
  • Every time you see one that requires medical care and is denied, FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST THE SUPERVISING VETERINARIAN, DR. LEANDRO GUTIERREZ.  You can download the document at the link below.  You can email the complete form but must follow up with a signed form via mail or fax.

(You may have to register on the Responsible Rescue Network site if the download does not begin immediately)

Complaint Form
  • DOCUMENT by video or sound or photos  (or written narrative that includes DATE, LOCATION, TIME AND PEOPLE PRESENT)  quietly every incident.
  • Adopt, foster and support those legitimate organizations that save the animals responsibly.


Rest in peace, sweet Noah . . . your life did matter to us.  May you forever be free of places like Roswell in your next lifetime . . . may you find the love, safety and happiness that you so deserve.

dog angel (1 of 1)

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