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My dogs live in small packs and get to rotate through the different yards that connect to the house.  They all get to come inside to play and visit.  I’m lucky to be home every day, ALL day, so I get to spend a lot of time with them.  Every room in my house has doggie beds and/or crates where they sleep at night.  My terrier group sleep as a group in the laundry room.

One evening I heard a scuffle in the laundry room and got up to investigate.  They’re pretty good about being nice to each other, but every now and then, just like in a family, somebody misreads a signal and there’s a disagreement.  Usually, a stern “HEY” from me stops it and they learn quickly that it’s not tolerated.

I opened the door to look in on this little group, and they were all standing still and looking at me, “innocently.”

“What’s going on in here?”  I asked.  Several of them happily wagged their tails as if to answer, “Oh, we were just fooling around.”  As I looked a little more closely, I noticed red coloring on some of them and immediately concluded somebody drew blood.  I grabbed each one and examined for injuries, but couldn’t find even a scratch.  I was puzzled, at the same time relieved, but not satisfied with my examinations . . . the blood had to have come from somewhere.  So I examined everyone again, including inside their mouths . . . maybe a sore gum or tooth.  Nobody was flinching from pain to give me any clues.

As I looked around the room, I noticed a few things “displaced”.  As I collected the stuff that had been knocked on the floor, I saw a little tube of blue craft paint, riddled with teeth marks and with some of the content smeared on the floor, and right next to it, was a tube of red paint in the same condition.

As I looked at the dogs through “different eyes”, I realized that not only were some of them wearing the red paint, but the blue as well.    Fortunately, the paint wasn’t toxic, and supplies like this are or WERE stored in the cabinet to which they had no access . . . or so I thought.

My wheels were turning as I looked at each one. . . and once again, the culprits stood out . . . very proud of themselves.

Vinny and Guido truly live up to their namesakes.  I could only deduce that one, or both, of them had climbed up on a table  and easily opened the cabinet door (just flip type with no latch) to get things they considered “toys”, and dropped them on the floor.   And of course, the other dogs wanted some, too, which explained the scuffle.

So they had spent the evening “painting” each other, and a couple of them were literally red, white and blue.

I could only laugh and be grateful that I could still figure things out and that everyone was alright.

Vinny and Guido no longer have access to the storage cabinets.


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