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First of all, I want to thank everyone who contributed to the PETCARING fund transport and initial vetting for our Nueces County, TX, dogs.  Your generosity saved their lives and allowed us to get them here quickly and safely, instead of having them sit in the limbo of  boarding.  They’re unwinding and settling in nicely.   Check our Facebook page for some “jailbreak” photos and videos.


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Dandy has been neutered and his healing.  I’m sure he’s saying good-bye to his hormones as he tries to mount every dog in sight.  Neither Sparky nor Diva appreciate it, and they’ve let him know about it.


Sparky will probably will have a name change . . . he doesn’t seem to like “sparky”, so I’m running several possibilities by him.  He’s scheduled for a neuter at the end of the month.

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. . . can only be described as delightful . . . precious girl who is really ready for a lap to call all her own.

nueces chi


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. . .  is still with Dr. Becky.  His x-ray shows an old injury to his left shoulder with possible radial nerve damage.  Most likely he was hit by a car, and since he was a stray, I shudder to think how long he wandered around in pain.  The other concern is the muscle atrophy that is occurring in the shoulder, and managing the pain.   To “re-break” the injury and splint/mend would create more trauma and pain . . . I certainly don’t want it to be a case of the cure is worse than the original injury.  Besides that, there is no guarantee that he would be pain free or heal any better or more quickly since there is nerve and tissue damage.



So, he is receiving cold laser treatments, which seem to be helping him and we are very hopeful and excited that there is promise of healing.  I’ll then follow up with hydro-therapy and swimming to build up his muscles.  The laser treatments have been daily for about a week, and Dr. Becky will then gradually space out the treatments to weekly.

So why did I rescue him, and why didn’t I return him to the shelter as somehow “defective” and replace him with one that would not cost me so much?  The answer to the first is that there was a look in his eye when I saw his photo.  We connected on a different plane . . . and I heard him.  I’ve always said that dogs find their way to the people they need to be with.

The answer to the second question is that returning him was NEVER an option.  I made a commitment to this pup, and I will honor it, regardless of cost.  He deserves a chance at life, and I will do everything possible to make it a wonderful life.


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I’m not sure what his “job” will be . . . will have to see how he fares with his leg.  He has such an exceptionally kind demeanor . . .  he will most likely be part of our sanctuary program and serve as a therapy dog on a limited basis, and be an ambassador for “death row” dogs.  In any case, he will never have to hurt, or fend for food, or be lonely again for as long as he lives.


dogin heartpaw



If you would like to contribute to Cheyenne’s veterinary care, simply use the paypal button below or simply mail a check to EXTRAORDINARY DOGS INC.  P. O. Box 1165   Capitan, NM  88316.  Make checks payable to EXTRAORDINARY DOGS.  You can also pay Dr. Becky Washburn-Brown directly in Capitan, NM.  Her clinic phone number is 575-354-2311 and her paypal account is



EXTRAORDINARY DOGS INC. is a nonprofit organization registered as a public charity in New Mexico, with a 501(c)3 status pending. Please remember that our operation and successful rescue and retraining depends on your generosity. ALL contributions go directly to the care of the resident dogs, and are tax deductible.

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