About two weeks ago I did my first out of state rescue . . . four dogs from Nueces County in Texas.  Some of you may be asking the same question that I asked when non-local or out-of-state rescues began descending on Roswell, New Mexico, some of them of nefarious reputation . . . why are you coming here when you have so many dogs in your own “backyard” to save?

We had been lucky and blessed in the last few months in this southeast corner of New Meixco, with many rescues from Colorado, Utah, Wyoming stepping up to save the animals and partnering with Dog Is My Copilot to fly them to their destination.  So, I was able to back away from the Roswell area feeling confident that most if not all dogs would make it out.  The cats and kitties, sadly, are a different story.

I had been monitoring different pleas from the Nueces County, Tx page about dogs needing to be saved because the shelters were full and they were killing them in large numbers.  One, especially, touched my heart . . . a shepherd mix mama with six week old puppies.  Surely, someone would get this family, I thought.   If it had been Roswell, it would have been an immediate tag and ASAP rescue.

Then I saw a repost of their photo with the label, RIP, and my heart broke.  You can see the worry in the mom’s eyes and the babies standing bravely next to her.  She knew what was coming.  I vowed to never let that happen again . . .


nueces tx



So when the “Nueces gang” was brought to my attention, thanks to generous donors, I was able to arrange transport and save them.

So the answer to the original question is simple:  I was made aware of a need and no one else stepped up.

However, I cannot in good conscience do many more of these Texas rescues because Roswell is back to killing an average of three dogs per day, and the count is gradually rising,  and for all the time and money I spend on getting a Texas dog, I could save three Roswell dogs.

If you are an animal rescue organization in Texas, please contact the coordinator, Lisa,  on her Facebook page.  She was exceptional in getting me timely information, and pulling and getting them to the vet.  Lisa and her partner work the three shelters in her geographic area, Nueces County in Robstown and Kingsville, which are very high kill (the one in Robstown has NO veterinarian) and Corpus Christi which does a pretty good job in caring and networking the animals, but still finds it necessary to euthanize.  It’s not difficult to get approved at any one of these . . . a 501(c)3 is required.  I got approved at all three in one day.

If you are in a different state and have the financial resources for boarding and transport, please consider the Nueces County dogs.  The ones I got from there are exceptionally bright and friendly.  I really hit the jackpot there!

The killing rate in Roswell is beginning to rise and I need to devote more time to them.  I will never turn my back on a dog that needs me, no matter where he or she is . . . each one has found his or her way to me for a reason and has enriched my life in more ways than I could ever imagine.

I am pleading with you to do your part to save the dogs in this Texas county (and others that are local to you). There is an endless list of people in Texas trying to save the death row animals that so much deserve a chance at life.  If you are within driving distance of one of these high kill facilities, go there and take a look.  I know Lisa would appreciate the help in Nueces County, and PLEASE network the dogs.

As rescuers we hear all the time, “You can’t save them all.”   It doesn’t matter . . . we certainly will not stop trying.  We want to live in a world where rescues are no longer needed . . . where every animal is recognized as a sentient being instead of a piece of property and whose life matters ever so much as a human life.   That’s a dream we’ll never give up.

frightened dog


So, everyone, step up to the plate.  The most powerful people who can change things for the impounded animals in these high-kill facilities, are the members of that community.  Stop allowing them to use your tax money to kill healthy and adoptable pets.  Things have to change, or we will have lost our souls and our humanity.

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