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Every once in a while, a dog crosses your path who is so exceptional in heart, spirit and temperament, that he can only be described as an “old soul.”  Cheyenne is such a dog and has every chance for a stellar career as a therapy dog and an ambassador for all “death row” dogs, if we can get him the help he needs.

I don’t like to do too many of these “Youcaring/Petcaring” fundraisers and only do so when it’s for a specific dog. I don’t embellish my stories about the dogs and try not to focus on his tragic “previous life.” Once they come to us, it’s a new day and a new life for them.

Cheyenne is very worthy of being saved and treated. Despite his pain and injuries, he remains kind and loving . . . he’ll be in training as a therapy dog once his injuries and pain are managed. Please share and donate what you can. He’ll be receiving treatments for the next month while being “hospitalized,” so this fundraiser is set up to last the duration of his time there.  After that it his rehab will be up to me . . . massage, hydrotherapy and swimming to build up his atrophied muscle.

UPDATE 7/28/2015   This fundraiser still uses the OHKPHOTOGRAPHY verified business paypal account.  If you would rather use the newly established dedicated account for Extraordinary Dogs Inc., use the “donate ” button or go to paypal and use the email account:  LIFELONGFRIENDS@EXTRAORDINARYDOGS.COM


cheyenne fundraiser

Lifesaving Therapy for Cheyenne

Be sure to look at the gallery at the Youcaring link above . . . it contains a video of Cheyenne’s veterinarian explaining the complications associated with his injuries.  Cheyenne is being treated by Dr. Becky Washburn-Brown at her Capitan, NM clinic.

Thank you for any help you can give this special boy.


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