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This mama dog and her 4 puppies are in Roswell Animal Control where they receive NO vet care, no vaccinations, no help for her and her babies. She and her babies have been huddled in the corner since brought in.

Her name is Faith, and she was probably used as a bait dog because one of her eyes appears to be missing or seriously injured and her head is very scarred, yet she still wags her tail and is sweet. . . happy to see a human despite the cruelty in her life.

This morning, the kennel workers removed all the bedding and drenched the mama and pups while cleaning the cage. WE WANT TO RESCUE HER AND HER BABIES BY ADOPTION WHICH MEANS $40 ADOPTION FEE FOR EACH AND A PREPAID SPAY VOUCHER FOR THE MOM. From Forgotten to Forever Rescue and Transport is handling this rescue by adoption and needs desperately needs pledges AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to get her to safety. There is no protocol for deadly communicable diseases in this places and these puppies are at high risk . . . there have been several confirmed cases of distemper.


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This fundraiser is in conjunction with Extraordinary Dogs Inc and From Forgotten to Forever Rescue.  Both organizations are 501(c)3 nonprofit public charities.  Paypal receipts will indicate payment made to ETRAORDINARY DOGS INC AND WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO FROM FORGOTTEN TO FOREVER/JANICE IN ORDER TO FOLLOW FAITH AND HER PUPPIES.




Roswell Animal Control does not release animals early due to medical risk conditions.  As rescues, we have to wait until day 7 from intake date to pull as a rescue.  Because there are vet care options or vaccinations there, many of the animals, especially the young and fragile puppies are at risk of distemper and parvo, both of which are present as there is no protocol for communicable diseases in that facility.  As a result, many of us rescues choose to “adopt” in order to get the animal to a veterinarian and to safety as quickly as possible.  The adoption fee is $40 plus the cost of a prepay spay voucher (at least $100).  This is why, in Faith’s case, we are needing such a high amount . . . 5 dogs adopted at $40 each, a prepay for Faith’s spay, and vaccinations for all 5 puppies and mama.

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