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(photo courtesy of Mary Beth Atwood)


This boy was initially listed by Roswell Animal Control as a female, Golden Retriever mix, and it turns out he is neither.  It was pretty clear from subsequent photos that he was shutting down and getting depressed, so I went ahead and rescued him via adoption.

goldengirl (1 of 1)


He seems to like the name Brian . . .  so we have christened him, Brian, our “golden boy.”


golden (2 of 3)


golden (1 of 3)


golden boy (1 of 1)


. . . with the heart of gold, enjoys the late afternoon sun and FREEDOM! . . . a survivor of Roswell Animal Control!


So, after a week, and consulting with the vet, Brian is more Australian Shepherd than Golden Retriever.  He may have a little in him, but his temperament is clearly Aussie . . . after only a week, he’s “glued to my hip” . . .  he was not taught any manners and has learned to use his large size to go where he pleases.  He’s not interested in retrieving anything.  I threw the tennis ball yesterday, he watched it a little, then looked up at me as if to ask, “Was I supposed to do something here?”   He has very little prey drive and does not yet like to pick up and carry things . . . something you kind of want to encourage in service dogs.   So, for right now, his job might be to be a “pony” for a couple of petite chihuahuas . . . we have a parade to get ready for!

Brian (1 of 1)





(posted on Facebook  September 5, 2015)

Oh, this boy keeps me entertained on a daily basis. I switched dogs into different yards and thought Brian’s group would like to play in the big, front “play yard.” Well, apparently, not without me. I closed the gate and went back in the house to fix their kibble . . . sauteed some nice ground sirloin with kidney beans and sweet peas. I know he didn’t jump the fence, so he probably busted the the bottom chain links off the gate and squeezed himself through . . . and there he stands, looking into the window of the sunroom. He’s the only one who is big enough to stand up and look into the window. The others have to jump up to see. Brian loves to eat, and yet is never “guardy” about his food or treats.


Brian (1 of 1)-2







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