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Welcome to freedom, Toto, cage 41 of Roswell Animal Control.  They have him listed as a 5 yr old terrier mix, and obviously neglected.   We’ll know more after his assessment by his veterinarian.  Evidently, he knew and liked car rides, because he quickly wanted to get into the truck.  He sat next to me like a perfect gentleman the whole 75 miles home.  Every now and then he would look up into my eyes as I talked to him, and I could hear him sigh inside while wondering, “Am I really going home?”  Friday was supposed to have been his last day . . . by the grace of God, they didn’t euthanize any over the weekend, and today he’ll never have to worry about being safe or loved.


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Frankie, cage 21, was a last minute decision.  When I saw what pitiful shape he was in the cage, I knew he stood no chance of being adopted, and he was on tomorrow’s kill list.   So he was our “tag along”


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Frankie is very sick.   His kennel cough seems to have progressed to an upper respiratory infection, or worse.  We went directly to the veterinarian and he’ll be under her care until well enough to go home.

Stay tuned to this website for updates on both Frankie and Toto.


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