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Animal control personnel listed Frankie in cage 21 as a 1 year old chihuahua mix.  By appearances he looks like he has some Jack Russell terrier in him.  I knew he was sick when I pulled him from Roswell Animal Control yesterday, which means euthanasia was imminent, especially since NOBODY had shown any interest in him, and my heart was aching for him, for his neglect and sadness.   So, he, along with Toto in cage 41, were sprung from that “death camp” yesterday and are free.  Because of Frankie’s condition, we drove directly to our vet, Dr. Becky Washburn-Brown in Capitan NM,  and got him into quarantine and treatment.

I consulted with his vet  this morning.  Frankie is NOT a year old, but closer to 7 months old which makes his condition especially critical.  Right now, his lungs are severely congested, but is confined to his lungs and not moved to the nasal passages so we are hoping and praying that  it does not move into distemper.


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If you are concerned about or interested in Frankie’s progress, please bookmark this page . . . I will be posting his updates here.

If you pledged to his care and rescue,  Frankie and I would be grateful if you would honor them by using the DONATE button below.  Thank you!


FACEBOOK POST September 9, 2015

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UPDATE:  Thursday, September 17, 2015

Frankie has perked up and is showing a little interest in eating.  Still on IV and antibiotics.

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