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Oh, how fast we fall in love with these babies!   My biggest responsiblity to these souls I pull off “death row” is to first get and keep them healthy, and then to make sure they go to the home that is perfect for them and that THEY choose.

Cooper was such a joy and had an adopter waiting in the wings from the first day I brought him home.  She worked on the entire process, supplied every bit of information I asked, including references.

She convinced me that she would be the best home for him and would love him forever.

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So, on Saturday, September 12, 2015, she met Cooper and he concurred that he wanted to go home with her.  Congratulations to Tyler McGowan of Albuquerque, NM and to Cooper . . . I believe that this was a match made in heaven and am so happy for both of them.


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I will be doing a follow-up visit in 2 months and am looking forward to seeing this lovely family!

Have a happy life, darling little Cooper!

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Cooper and I having our “adoption talk”

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