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BEST news first !! . . .  thank you for your prayers for Frankie . . .  he will get to come home this Friday! He’s still coughing but is perky and eating.  Stay tuned to this website for new photos!

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Cheyenne is still in the “hospital” and receiving treatment.  The good news is that he is using his shoulder muscle much more so it has been healing.  He has been neutered, so it was a little bit of a setback as most surgeries are.   He’ll get to come home in a couple of weeks.



. . . and our final NEWSFLASH . . . our Tee Shirt campaign ends in less than 7 hours.  There is still time to support our efforts to save dogs like Cheyenne and Frankie from “death row”.  It’s not too early to shop for Christmas, and the design is exclusive to Extraordinary Dogs Inc.   A BIG “thank you” to those of you who supported us by buying or sponsoring one or more of these.

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To all of you who support our cause and efforts by donating, sharing, or praying, the doggies and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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EXTRAORDINARY DOGS INC. is a nonprofit organization registered as a 501(c)3 public charity in New Mexico.  Please remember that our operation and successful rescue and retraining depends on your generosity. ALL contributions go directly to the care of the resident dogs, and are tax deductible.  

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