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Asking for PRAYERS for this special baby.


I named this puppy  from cage 35 of Roswell Animal Control after one of my favorite movies, because Omar Sharif had just died and in an interview about his role as Dr. Zhivago, he stated that “Zhivago was a perfect human” . . . that’s how I felt about this puppy. . . he is perfect.

I “adopted” him at a higher fee because I wanted to get him out of the shelter as soon as possible. I even sent a friend in to give him puppy shots so that he could stand a chance against the filth in that facility.

zhivago in pound


Oh, what a joy he is!   On our freedom ride home, he could not help but hang on to everything with his sharp, puppy teeth . . . never far from my side.  When we got to Capitan, I made a quick stop at the grocery store.  He sat in the driver’s seat and watched me the entire time.  When I got back in, he was ecstatic, and wedged himself between me and door, as if to block me from opening the door and leaving without him.

All was well until he had an onset of diarrhea . . . I attributed it possibly to diet, so I went to a more bland diet for him. When that didn’t work, it was off to the vet for tests, difficulty getting the diarrhea in check, so more tests. Pancreatic enzymes had skyrocketed and kidney function low. So consultation with specialist . . . digestive enzymes helped the pancreas, but the real concern is “kidney insufficiency”, a possible genetic anomaly. He is still critical and will be until his kidneys respond to treatment.

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I will do everything in my power to get this puppy what he needs . . . I love him dearly.

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UPDATE:   I lost this precious boy in February 2016 . . . he barely made it to 6 months of age.  His kidneys never developed, prenatally . . . the mother probably got into something toxic while she was carrying the puppies.  Despite heroic efforts and specialist consultations (he was never in pain), he chose to just give it up.  My heart always breaks when they leave . . . and I think of him often.  I am grateful for the few months we did share.  He lived them with a fierce passion and joy.   I love you still, my precious boy. 

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