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They named her “Constance” but somehow that name does not suit her, and we’ll be working on something she likes. It was a 600+ mile round trip  (November 6, 2015), part of it through the oil field roads of eastern New Mexico. . . lots of miles for an “old lady’ who doesn’t even like to drive to town anymore . . . and yes, I did plenty of traveling in my earlier years, woldwide, by land and sea, so it’s out of my system and I’m happy to be a “home body.”

This little girl is in rough shape and I am concerned for her being so close to whelping. No matter how hard they try, and Odessa seemed to be one of the better run ones, an “animal control  facility” is no place for a sensitive dog of this breed (aussie/bc with blue eyes), and especially one that is so pregnant. They were kind enough to give her a bath before I got there, so that is one less thing I need to put her through. But she is quite thin . . . I can count every vetebra on her backbone as well as the ribs. You can see from the photo how stressed she is, still. She has quite a few lacerations on her ears and one above her right eye . . . also in her ears and some spots on her body where the hair was pulled out.

tessa in the pound


When I asked them about it, they said her “cell mate” was a little unkind to her. Sadly, they did not have enough room for her own “private cell” . . . they clearly do the best they can for the volume of dogs they have to deal with . . . and they try to get them out alive . . . as soon as they figured out what types I could take, they brought them from the “back overflow area” . . . including an owner surrender on the spot. So, she had some “tag alongs,” too. It seemed kind of sad to take just 1 when they were so full, and I had driven so far.

Odessa constance (1 of 1)

But today is the first day of the rest of her life. . . I’ve started her on a better nutrition and supplement plan, and she has her own private space to  rest in and recuperate, away from the rest of the pack. “Contessa”, Italian for “countess” comes to mind when I look at her . . . with “tessa” for short. So we will see if she thinks she’d like to be a “countess.”  She is definitely “royalty” in my eyes.

Please keep this sweet girl in your thoughts . . . she’s very  stoic and in more risk than she shows. I will talk to the vet on Monday about whether she needs to be checked or wait until the puppies are here.

tessa (1 of 1)-2



TESSA UPDATE (November 12, 2015)
. . . her little “treasures” arrived this morning . . . 8 little ones who seem to be very healthy . . . Tessa is doing well . . . I love how these mama dogs happily share their little ones . . . tail wagging as I checked each one. . . . a very good mom!


tessa w babies (1 of 1)


tessa w babies (1 of 1)-2


tessa babies (1 of 1)




tessa and me (1 of 1)


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