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The puppies by now are fully weaned and during the day, Lara is romping with friends and the puppies are in the house with me. At bedtime and after supper, Lara goes into the bathroom and sleeps with the puppies.

Yesterday, after I rearranged the “flooring” in the bathroom, Lara didn’t want to go in with them. The puppies stood there confused for a minute. Then Lara went running through the house and sniffing out every towel, blanket, crate where the puppies had been, and that was when I realized that the “decor” had confused her, so I picked her up and put her in there to the puppies over the gate. Oh, my . . . what a greeting! This is such a happy and loving family, and it isn’t about the food anymore . . . the puppies love their mama, and she adores them. They play and wrestle, and all snuggle together to sleep.

The species doesn’t matter. . . whether two-legged or four-legged, a mom wants only one thing . . . the opportunity and the right to safely have and love her babies.

Today, Thursday, December 10th, the puppies are in the gazebo outside and the rest of the pack is visiting with them.  It’s their first time out.  Lara is playing with her friends, but makes frequent and casual checks to the gazebo to make sure the puppies are fine.

I wake up to a house full of love every morning . . . how lucky am I.

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