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Yes, the tub was clean before they got in there. Lara’s babies are very good about not pooping at night in their “sleeping crate.” But the first order of business when they’re moved to the bathroom is to poop, run through it, and use the bathtub as an obstacle course.

Great fun . . . more cleaning for me, and these babies are also probably the most bathed puppies so they’re quite used to it . . . they go to bed and wake up clean, By mid morning, they’ve become little piglets. Today is their first day outside in the gazebo . . . they had their second set of shots on Monday . . . gotta love puppy energy!!


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(December 6, 2015)

So this is one of the major reasons that I hardly ever make it to bed before 2 AM. The “Lara gang” lives in the bathroom, the floor of which I have to scrub at least 3 times a day, if not more. They get their second set of shots tomorrow so I will feel more comfortable with them playing in one of the gazebos outside during the warm days . . . but until then I don’t like to take chances. In a futile attempt to minimize my work, I tried plastic on the floor, towels,along with the puppy pads that just get dragged around the bathroom and I’m back to scrubbing the floor, because they then poop in the spot the puppy pads were on. So this time I duct-taped the puppy pads to the floor . . . covered the whole floor, then put a towel over it, and then one more layer of puppy pads. I felt pretty smug about it . . . looked like it was going to work. “Bright” and “terrier” in the same sentence is a prescription for “trouble” (lovingly said ). In about 10 minutes, I hear the duct tape being pulled up off the floor . . . it was quite a game for them . . . I think they enjoyed the sound, too. At least it makes it easy to monitor the “quality” of their poop.

gia and bitsy in puppy poop (1 of 1)

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