Over the past year and a half, we have saved over a hundred dogs from the “death rows” of high-kill facilities . . . we were in Roswell when no one else would take the doomed dogs, and they were killing 300 per month . . . many are featured in the video on the youcaring site. ALL OF THEM WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD WITHOUT YOUR GENEROSITY AND SUPPORT, FOR WHICH WE ARE SO GRATEFUL!

cage39 by maria Sosa


Some of our residents have found their “forever home”, (our adoption rate is 100%) others are still waiting. Some have chosen “us” as their forever home, maybe because they know that to the rest of the world, they are “ordinary” or less than perfect . . . like Honeybear, who was described by kennel workers as “just a plain brown dog . . . nobody will pick her,”  or Gracie, who lived through abuse and trauma and was left with a crooked leg, and some are in training for service and therapy programs. . . willing and eager to be the perfect helpmates for the human who needs them. We love each and every one of them and always honor the dog’s choice and the talents.



All of your donations go directly to either the veterinary care fund for those receiving treatment (like Cheyenne . . . see campaign below) or for routine medical care (you can specify the fund when you use the DONATE button in the sidebar).   We very much need help with Cheyenne’s expenses . . . heartworm medicine is very expensive and he has had to have two rounds.


We would like to take advantage of the NGA dog food donation program and always need help to cover the cost of dog fund when a shipment is not available.  While we are not doing a campaign for the cost of dog food freight, if you would like to contribute to our dog food fund, which is always appreciated, you can simply use Paypal’s “Send to friends and family” feature using this email address: , and save us a transaction fee; or simply use the DONATE button in the sidebar.


Below is a DONATE LINK for Cheyenne’s medical fund . . . our most critical need at this point.


Thank you from all of us, especially the doggies


The mission of Extraordinary Dogs Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit/public charity,  is to provide rescued “death row” dogs with the skills and training to help them become extraordinary canine friends/partners/helpmates for life to their adopted family.

UPDATE (posted Tuesday, October 4, 2016)  We were just notified by the National Greyhound Associate that they are ready to ship dog food next week.  We have not had a shipment since July which means that we saved nothing and had to pay full price for our monthly supply of dog food.

UPDATE (posted Thursday, July 7, 2016)      We get up every morning and count our blessings . . . for one,I am physically able to lovingly do much of the labor that is required to maintain a training and enrichment facility that works with rescued dogs. A close second is a group of happy dogs who are smart, and eager to learn. They are also healthy due to the high quality diet and supplements they are fed. Sadly, we just found out that the food donation program in which we participate, is in a “holding pattern.” We were able to cut our dog food bill in half last month, but this month we’re back to $1000. So this has cut into the funds we set aside to match what this campaign brings in so that we could take care of the dogs’ needs. As always, we are grateful for any help, and we continue to “jump obstacles” for the sake of our dogs because we believe in our mission.

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