Getting a pallet of 1000 lbs of dog food from the National Greyhound re-donation program is almost as thrilling as bringing a new dog into the pack . . .  it makes the day seem like Christmas, because both cases are full of fun and surprises.


Lincoln County Mercantile

We want to express our gratitude to the manager and staff of Lincoln County Mercantile in Capitan, NM. for graciously accepting the delivery and for loading it onto our flatbed trailer.  Without their help, we would be paying a lot more for freight!

The first thing I do when I unpack the pallet, is sort all the bags according to protein content and ingredients.  Each bag is carefully checked, any holes sealed, and new/unfamiliar brands are researched for recalls.  Bags are labeled as 1, 2 or 3.  The number 3 bags have the highest content protein and can be added only as 20% of their kibble content.  Any more will cause digestive distress with possible diarrhea.  The Number 2 bags have a protein content equal to their base Victor kibble so those can be offered at 50%.  The number 1 bags have ingredients that I consider unacceptable . . . corn and/or chicken “by products” and the dogs get only 10% .   Fortunately, I seldom get more than 3 bags per shipment that fall in this category.  There is a “method to my madness!”  

Below is a sample of the brands of dog food that are usually included and this shipment was particularly nice . . . these are 4-5 star rated on Dog Food Advisor, and are the reasons that I am so grateful for this program.  It allows me to offer our dogs a variety of high-quality protein in brands that I could not afford to buy at cost.

With the bags of dog food safely stored in the house, I’m a happy camper, even though it’s an all afternoon project to sort,carry and store the bags (good weight-bearing exercises!)  That’s love, and for us it’s a “two way street.”

Please consider helping us with a MONTHLY GIVING program to support our dog food fund.  All donations are tax-deductible since Extraordinary Dogs Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity.  

All of our dogs are “death row” survivors and are in training for service and/or therapy for their human companions.  

Every donation is of tremendous help and is applied directly to the care of our dogs.  

Thank you to all our supporters and friends who have joined us on this magnificent journey of love!

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