This information is from a fellow professional trainer who is also a member of the same professional organization to which I belong, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, so this information has been validated and can be considered factual.


Please avoid donating to the Houston SPCA. They will euthanize pit bull breeds coming into their shelter, without so much as an evaluation, for what that’s worth. Here is a list of credible organizations.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, as rescue efforts continue across Texas for displaced animals, PBRC would like to share trusted sources that are either on the ground, moving the animals to other locations or are sheltering them.

(Please Note: A key figure – the Houston SPCA – is not Pit Bull Friendly – and will NOT put unclaimed pit bulls that land in their care up for adoption.)

Please consider a donation to the below sources – please be careful who you donate to – there will be many scammers out – if you are aware of other legitimate rescue organization efforts, please share with us and we’ll add them to our list.

Best Friends – on the ground – sheltering

ASPCA – on the ground – sheltering

HSUS – on the ground – sheltering…/resou…/facts/harvey_faq.html…

International Fund for Animal Welfare – on the ground – sheltering –

Red Rover – on the ground – care giving

Wings of Rescue – flying animals out –

Austin Pets Alive – sheltering…

Monmouth County SPCA – sheltering –…

Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue – on the ground – sheltering.

There are many rescues in the NE who are taking animals from Texas along with Virginia and Maryland.

Resources for Lost/Found/Rescued Pets

Houston Pets Alive –
Best Friends –
Pet Harbor – Lost and Found Harvey Pets
Hurricane Harvey Lost Found Pit Bulls
Hurricane Harvey ALL Lost and Found Pets –


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