We at Extraordinary Dogs Inc try our best to be animal and planet conscientious, even though we are a nonprofit and have limited resources.  The dogs get top quality kibble from companies that we have extensively researched, and fresh meat (chicken, beef, lamb, salmon) is grass-fed/organic or wild and from humane farms (not factory).  Our online store, The Puppy Potpourri, carries very limited dropshipped products, so we got a little excited when we discovered this company.

Everyone needs soap . . . what we don’t need is soap loaded with toxins and/or made at the expense of animal lives.  The soaps we carry are custom-made the “old-fashioned” way.   Completely vegan with no animal products or animal testing.  Each bar is packaged in a reusable burlap bag instead of single use plastic, and here is the best part:  for each bar sold, the company plants a tree!  Scientists confirm that by planting a trillion trees could reverse damaging climate change.

These soaps are nice enough to use on your pets . . . and the yogurt ones are specially soothing for their paws.

Supply is very limited so don’t wait to order.  They ship from and are made in the good ole’ USA!,

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