Writing is an important part of my personal life and of our program.  To improve the current life and death situation for animals, especially companion animals who are destroyed on a daily basis as a means of population control,  education has to be a critical component.

We currently have two major publications in the works:  one on canine nutrition and the other on canine emotional health and intelligence.  Because so much of our time is spent with our dogs, we don’t always have the time to get our publications ready . . . we tend to be perfectionists. . . I used to publish an online magazine and it is extremely time-consuming.   So we have decided that as each portion becomes ready, we will publish it online piecemeal.  Sometimes I think that people prefer to get educated in “small doses.”  When the publication is print-ready, we will send a copy to all patrons/members who have subscribed to our “Literate Cafe” tier   A lot of time and research has gone into these projects and we will be using the funds to support the direct care of our resident dogs.

Remember that by doing becoming a patron, you are feeding one of our dogs for a day.      Thank you for caring about our awesome dogs!

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