. . . than just pulling them out of the “killing room.”

As a canine behavior specialist and professional dog trainer, I work with clients who adopt rescue dogs from various places, and just when the dog is beginning to get “comfortable,” they want to return the dog because he or she is not “perfect” or is not as originally presented. Of course the dogs are emotionally damaged. Who of us, even as a human, would not be, after being discarded, sometimes traumatized by pursued and caught by animal control, transported to multiple places and to different fosters under varying conditions, then hauled to endless ‘adopt-a-thons’ to experience even more rejection.

Nothing in their life has been a routine or predictable. But that does not mean they cannot heal, and that’s what we at EXTRAORDINARY DOGS INC do for our dogs. We give them stability, support and love so that they can bloom.

There is some outdated information being passed around on social media as “helpful hints” for fosters and adopters of rescued pets.  Following some of the practices outlined could actually be detrimental to the newly rescued dog.  We will be posting a helpful guide in the next few days, so be sure you have subscribed to this blog to get first notice when it goes live.  Sign-up form is at the end of the post.







Help us on this amazing journey to help our dogs!

We at EXTRAORDINARY DOGS INC provide every dog who comes to us with the physical and emotional stability they need so they can blossom and thrive.   But getting them and keeping them healthy and happy comes at a cost.  We invite you to support our work with our dogs by contributing to our dog food campaigns, which are so critical from month to month.


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