That seems to summarize the focus of my life lately.

Here is our dog food dilemma and why we are once again begging for funds.

Nutrition is so important to the health of our dogs.  Many of them are still playing “catch up” because they’ve been fed such low quality food, if anything at all, until they got to us.  Good nutrition is vital not only to physical and emotional well-being, but to the growth and repair of neurons which are critical to cognitive functions.

Science has shown (in a study of middle aged beagles) that adding phytonutrients to their diet, improved the dogs’ cognitive ability.  Thinking is an important part of our enrichment training . . . we teach and expect our dogs to “think creatively”.  It’s one of the main reasons that we refuse to go with lower quality, less expensive kibble, and we’ve done months of research to arrive at this solution.


We currently order our dog food from a Fromm distributor, and it seems like every two weeks, a minimum order of $500 will get us through.  Since we are not a retailer, we do not get anything from the discounted price . . . the dog food is ours to use and not sell . . . so we never reap a financial gain/profit like a retailer does.

Fromm is offering us a special deal of buy 12 bags and get 1 free, but it has to be the same SKU (recipe and size).  It’s a great opportunity and we always want to take advantage of any cost reduction.  The only problem for us is that because we mix the protein sources, we would only be able to afford the same protein source per order . . . to stay affordable every two weeks at $500 minimum, we could only offer our dogs one protein until we build up a little bit of a surplus, which we have been trying to do for the past few months.

We’re not going to “emotionally bait” you with photos and stories of some of our earlier hardship cases . . . the dogs pull at our heartstrings every day because of what they do and who they are . . .  they have a love for learning and playing that is unrivaled even in humans.  We are simply asking for help by contributing to one of our dog food campaigns.

I have sold many of my personal “estate” items to contribute to this fund, and will continue to do so to make sure that the dogs are well fed.  But every dollar out of my pocket for dog food takes away from other needs like capital improvement and veterinary care. . . and yes, the canopies over the kennels that the wind insists on demolishing.

Many forget that getting the dog off “death row” is only the beginning of rescue.  

Our dogs stay with us until they are decompressed, healed and trained.  When our dogs are ready to go to another home of their choosing, they come with a detailed emotional profile, instructions for adjustment, and follow-up support.

We could especially use help with our monthly giving program.  If we had just 50  dog lovers who would commit to $25 each month, we would not have to beg every two weeks when an order is due, and right now it’s so critical that we prepare for higher utility bills if this winter will be as frigid as last winter.  We are still recovering from the skyrocketed utility bills of this past winter.

We’ve included a button for paypal for those who prefer that method, or our regular payment gateway.  Both feed directly into our organization’s account.

We also are very happy to accept donations via check or money order, payable to EXTRAORDINARY DOGS INC. and mailed to

Extraordinary Dogs Inc.

P. O. Box 1165

Capitan, NM 88316

Thank you to all our donors and supporters . . .

we appreciate your generous and kind hearts more than you will ever know!

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