For a limited time only, we are adding the following promotion for anyone who subscribes to our lowest tier in our MONTHLY GIVING PROGRAM.

If you commit to a subscription of $25 for at least 3 months, (which buys our dogs  a 15 lb bag of dog food), we will send you a complimentary 12oz package of our favorite Acana dog food kibble, a retail value of $10, each of those months.  Each month we will offer two choices (see below).

We mix the different recipes for a variety/rotation of proteins . . . our base kibble is the Fromm Adult Gold, which is full of phytonutrients and antioxidents and is chicken based.  By adding the different Acana as well as Fromm Four Star recipes, we are able to offer our dogs proteins like lamb, rabbit, quail, turkey, salmon, halibut, trout.

Each month will be a different feature and you can choose from two (2) recipes.



BONUS:  After the initial 3 months, if you commit to an additional 3 months, (6 months total), we will send you our exclusive signature COSMIC CANINE COFFEE MUG, something that we normally reserve for our $50/month tier.

Choose your method of payment below.  We’ve provided links to PAYPAL as well as a paypal alternative.  Both use the same business account.  We thank you for supporting our “extraordinary dogs.”

CAVEAT:  Always modify your kibble gradually.  Acana and Fromm are rich and highly nutritious.  To avoid “overloading” your dog’s digestive system, new kibble should be no more than 25% of their regular kibble.  

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