Welcome to the complicated, confusing and sometimes deceptive world of dog nutrition.  If you are even bothering to read this e-book, you should be commended because you at least care enough about your dog and his/her health to research your dog’s kibble.

I’ve done my best to include information that is based on scientific facts with corresponding source links.  Some of the included content is based on experience, mine as well as others, and may not be based on science.  That will also be noted so that you can draw your own conclusions based on anecdotal evidence.

I do have brand preferences and will give my reasons.  Just because I exclude a brand from this content (or from the spreadsheet) does not mean that I judge it in any way.  I leave that judgment call to you, your dog’s best friend.

Finally, never use the information here (or in any other publication) as a substitute for the advice of a trusted veterinarian, especially if your dog is in fragile or compromised health.

Knowledge is power, and the purpose of this e-book is to provide you with as much as I have been able to curate from my years of study, observation and experience, and everything is presented as a potential idea or solution for you.  Your choice of food remains YOURS and your dog’s.

Perfect dog nutrition is still a mystery.  Even the expert canine nutritionists can’t agree among themselves on the best ingredients or even the percentages of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

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