Capital Improvement Project 2019


The last time we asked for help with facility upgrades and repairs was three years ago when we were hit with Blizzard Goliath.  Despite the damage from the frigid temperatures, constant winds and heavy snowfall, we managed to keep all our dogs safe and warm.   Thanks to your generosity at that time, we were able to add additional kennels, beds and blankets, and since that time, we’ve been keeping up with repairs and replacing the canopies as needed.  In the summer sun and spring windstorms, they last 2-3 years.

This winter has been very hard, again with blizzard conditions and heavy, wet snow, frigid overnight temperatures, has shown us that it is time to make some more permanent upgrades to our facility.   We need to anticipate damaging weather like this at least every three years, if not more frequently, and I am not getting younger.  I am the sole caretaker for our dogs.  They are my family and this is their home, whether it’s temporary or forever.  I need to have more permanent housing set up so that in an emergency, I can have someone help me if needed, without sacrificing the safety and security of the dogs.

We plan to do this in two phases.  The first needs to be immediate, for which we will fundraise through several venues.  The second will be structured so that we can pursue grant funding and will be tied to the expansion of our enrichment and training program.

Project Details

Date Improvements need to be made before winter bad weather (October 2019)
Total Cost $5,098

This is only one result of the high winds in our area.  This kennel was picked up by the wind, lifted over a 6 foot fence, and dumped in the middle of the horse pasture.  Fortunately, there were no dogs inside.

Chain Link Kennel Replacement

Four years ago we purchased a couple of those boxed chain link kennels because they were so much cheaper.  They were a mess to put together and are really not sturdy enough to house our dogs safely, and after four years, they are literally falling apart.  We need to replace them with welded wire kennels.

These are sturdy kennels and are still portable enough to re-arrange and group as needed.  We are always looking for bargains on these and would consider used ones in good shape.  The price ranges from $400 to $800.

  • individual cost:     $700
  • amount needed:   2
  • total estimated cost:  $1400

Canopy Replacement/Side Shades

We have come to terms that these will need to be replaced regularly,  at least every two years due to southwest sun and wind damage.  While the dogs all have indoor sleeping kennels, the larger play kennels have to be covered  to protect the dogs.

The attached kennels on the north side received the brunt of snow this January . . . the snow came quickly and was so heave that it bent the roof frames.  So we will have to rethink the type of canopies we use here.

This is another example of wind damage, especially on the south side

It’s too dangerous to replace the canvas canopies with something more permanent.   Anything heavy could be ripped off by the wind and flying metal could damage the main building as well as harm the animals.  It would also be too costly to simply extend the current metal building.

We need various sizes and are always looking for bargains.  Since the snow bent some of the frames, we need at least 1 frame plus cover which runs about $150, depending on the supplies.  Covers only are about $50 less.

  • individual cost:     $120 (average cost of various sizes with or without frame)
  • amount needed:  4
  • total estimated cost:  $480

Portable Kennels

These are wonderful, very practical because they can be move easily.  We have a couple of these and the dogs prefer these to the standard crates.  We use them for isolating the dogs during feeding time, for naps, for drying after baths.  We need about 4 in the east patio section so that we don’t have to reshuffle dogs during dinnertime.

These kennels are very practical and we prefer them to crates.  While all our dogs are crate trained, we use these during feeding and resting time and after bathing.   They are sturdy enough to be used outdoors and can be moved indoors during cold weather.

  • individual cost:     $270
  • amount needed:  4
  • total estimated cost:  $1080

Kennel Flooring.

Dogs love to dig, and for whatever reason, we don’t want to deny them something that they feel a need to do.  That being said, it becomes an issue when they dig under the kennel panels.  Also, during rainy and snow melting days, water from the pastures does seep into the kennels. The east side of the property slopes just enough for water to drain into the kennel areas.  Part of that yard is paved and it makes it nice for the dogs  (most of them don’t like to trek through mud).

There is nothing worse than snow melting into clay soil!  You can see the slope toward the patio kennels . . . gentle draining toward the patio area makes for very muddy paws, and adding straw to the muddy mess only makes it worse to clean up . . . we’ve tried everything over the past couple of years and feel that pavers are the best and least expensive option.

We prefer the larger pavers because they can’t be moved so easily by some of our larger dogs.  However, we will watch for discounts and sales and will consider the cheaper, smaller 12 x 12 pavers.

  • individual cost:     $3.98 per 16 in. square
  • amount needed: 68 needed for 10 by 10  (4 kennels)  272. . .
  • total estimated cost:  $1,083

Privacy Fence Section and Gate

Our main play/enrichment area is visible from the road.  We have noticed increased traffic even though we are located in a rural area and at the end of a dirt road.  Our concern is always for the safety of the dogs, especially since our playground is visible from the gate.  We never want them within theft or shooting range.  Sadly, the world is becoming more dangerous for all animals, especially dogs.  Underground dog fighting rings are prevalent in New Mexico and west Texas, and there have been frequent occurrences of dogs being stolen from yards.  We also don’t want to make it easy for anyone to climb the fence, as it is now.

The latest estimate to have about 60 ft of privacy fencing professionally completed including a driveway gate was $4000.  We would like to try the sturdier bamboo rolls, and perhaps in the future, upgrade to a either a wooden frame (if the bamboo wears well) or the regular privacy fence.

We need about 8 rolls of these bamboo rolls and will install it ourselves.

  • individual cost:     $132.
  • amount needed: 8 rolls. .
  • total estimated cost:  $1,056


“Annie’s Place”

A transitional dormitory and therapy center for grieving dogs whose owners have passed ahead of them.

For More Info

For anyone who would like to donate physical products in lieu of monetary donations, our physical address (for UPS and FEDEX) is

Extraordinary Dogs Inc

c/o H. Kobelnyk

118 Pomp Ct END OF ROAD

Capitan, NM 88316

Our mailing address (for items and donations that  you would like to send via US mail:


P. O. Box 1165

Capitan, NM 88316



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