STOP the Killing!

Every time an owner just tosses the dog in a backyard or worse, chains him or her, and doesn’t take the time to bond with and teach or train the dog properly, the potential for random killing at the pound increases.

Your “Dream Dog”

Sometimes, looking at their picture is enough to make a connection and you know that dog belongs with you. But that only works if you believe that there is no such thing as a “bad dog,” accept the dog with any quirks and baggage he comes with, and are willing to work through it.

Buying or Adopting?

Our mission is to rescue, re-train and re-home, and the contract states clearly that the adoption fee is considered a “donation” and not a selling price. I look forward to the day when at least our companion animals will never be “for sale” again, and instead under our “guardianship”, and not merely our property

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