Rescued “to Death”

Not every rescue is in this “business” to save lives. They will step forward when sufficient money is pledged, pull the animal, collect the pledges, and often ship the animal off to another shelter, which is more likely than not, a kill shelter. Even some shelters who operate under the guise of a “humane society” will transfer animals to another kill facility or return them to the kill facility they originally pulled them from.

“The Last Seven Days of My Life”

New Mexico pushes tourism, yet Roswell retains the highest crime and animal euthanasia rates in the state. How many pet owners will feel comfortable traveling to or through Roswell when they discover that their lost pet could be destroyed in seven days, or simply arrive “dead” at the facility from misuse of the “snare?”

The “Rose Colored Glasses” of the Roswell Police Department

And whose responsibility is it to make society (at least in Roswell) a better place and work towards an ideal world? The mistreatment of animals and “weaker” humans is a symptom of more deep-rooted problems in a community. Apparently the “leadership” in Roswell is content to keep their world less than “ideal” as long as everyone gets to keep their jobs and their “good ole boy system” remains in tact

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