A “Godwink” from Annie

A “Godwink” from Annie

Annie seemed to be asleep on the passenger side and the vet quietly opened the door. She came with the drugs and needle in hand. Annie lifted her head, looked at the vet and the needle, then stood up and moved away from the veterinarian and lay down close to me and faced her as if to say, “oh, no you don’t.”

Surviving Another Winter

Surviving Another Winter

As I trudged through 5 ft. snow drifts (I’m 5 ft 3 inches tall, so I could easily have “disappeared”), my 3 biggest dogs (Brian, Tristan and Merlin) stayed by my side. They seemed to understand the gravity of the situation. More than once I fell and they immediately gathered around me and stood quietly. Any other time they would have engaged in a play/wrestling match with me.

Website Upgrade

  JUST AN “FYI” We are going to be upgrading our website this weekend so it will be doing “odd” things if you go there because we’ll be revising themes,widgets and plug-ins. We will continue to post brief updates on this, our Facebook...

Help With “Critical Care”

PLEASE REMEMBER TO HELP US! Over the past year and a half, we have saved over a hundred dogs from the “death rows” of high-kill facilities . . . we were in Roswell when no one else would take the doomed dogs, and they were killing 300 per month . . . many...

A Song of Suzy

We have no right to impose our shortcomings, or our “lifestyle” on anyone else, and no right to squelch the joy and passion in another living being, human or non-human, because we think we know better, or disagree with their journey, or are in a bad mood. Yet we do this all the time to our children, parents, family, pets, friends. . . two of mine, supposedly well-meaning, which at this point I doubt, almost destroyed my joy, until Suzy made her way into my dreams.

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