What Are You “Shaping?”

Imagine if you and all the rest of humanity were suddenly transported to an alien environment – I mean REALLY alien —where EVERYTHING is different and topsy-turvy, e.g. turning a door knob opens a trap door, turning on a light switch flushes the toilet, unknown objects have unknown effects with some of them involving pain.

At Her Own Pace

From all I’ve learned from dogs, they do not just simply walk away from a home where they are loved, and not return. Most of the impounded dogs listed as “strays” were actually taken by the owner and dumped somewhere far enough so that the dog cannot find the way home safely. And they remember that car ride.

Run Like the Wind

She should have been spending her time romping with a family and exploring the joys of puppyhood. Instead, at her young age of 7 months, if even that, she was dodging trains and vehicles, scrounging dumpsters for anything to eat, and hunkering down in the dry and brittle field grasses to avoid “capture.” What had happened to her to make her run away?

The Countess of Odessa

This little girl is in rough shape and I am concerned for her being so close to whelping. No matter how hard they try, and Odessa seemed to be one of the better run ones, an “animal control facility” is no place for a sensitive dog of this breed (aussie/bc with blue eyes), and especially one that is so pregnant.

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