A Shelter Dog’s Lifeline

Dedicated to all the fosters everywhere, who open their hearts and homes to the world’s “throwaway pets.” This was written by someone who obviously loves his foster dogs, and all dogs in general, but it was too beautiful to not share. A...

A Perfect Puppy

I named this puppy from cage 35 of Roswell Animal Control after one of my favorite movies, because Omar Sharif had just died and in an interview about his role as Dr. Zhivago, he stated that “Zhivago was a perfect human” . . . that’s how I felt about this puppy. . . he is perfect.

A Crossroad for Lara

CROSSROADS, MIRACLES AND COMMITMENTS Maybe because I spend every waking minute with dogs, it’s easy for me to see the anguish in the faces of the trapped dogs  as I scan the many “code red” photos that drift through my Facebook newsfeed.   All they...

Cooper’s “Happy Tail”

  Oh, how fast we fall in love with these babies!   My biggest responsiblity to these souls I pull off “death row” is to first get and keep them healthy, and then to make sure they go to the home that is perfect for them and that THEY choose. Cooper was...

A Jailbreak for Toto and Frankie

Evidently, he knew and liked car rides, because he quickly wanted to get into the truck. He sat next to me like a perfect gentleman the whole 75 miles home. Every now and then he would look up into my eyes as I talked to him, and I could hear him sigh inside while wondering, “Am I really going home?”

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