Pawprints on the Heart

Part of our mission at Extraordinary Dogs Inc. is to change people’s perception of “death row” dogs by showcasing their talents and reminding the world of that powerful, healing bond between dogs and humans.

A Golden Gentleman

This boy was initially listed by Roswell Animal Control as a female, Golden Retriever mix, and it turns out he is neither. It was pretty clear from subsequent photos that he was shutting down and getting depressed, so I went ahead and rescued him via adoption.

Help for Cheyenne

Despite his pain and injuries, he remains kind and loving . . . he’ll be in training as a therapy dog once his injuries and pain are managed. Please share and donate what you can. He’ll be receiving treatments for the next month while being “hospitalized,” so this fundraiser is set up to last the duration of his time there.

Permission to “Cuddle”

Think about what happens to you if you are truly frightened . . . the kind of terror that threatens your life, and the drive to survive supersedes all other drives. When your life depends on it, you will either “run for your life” or fight for it. If you’re on a plane hijacked by terrorists, you have the same “fight or flight” instinct associated with fear.

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