Cooper’s “Happy Tail”

  Oh, how fast we fall in love with these babies!   My biggest responsiblity to these souls I pull off “death row” is to first get and keep them healthy, and then to make sure they go to the home that is perfect for them and that THEY choose. Cooper was...

The Little Dog Who Almost Caused a Divorce

Sometimes, you can look at the photo of a certain dog and know that he or she is “your” dog, and meeting the dog in person only validates the gut feeling. It has happened to me many times, and anyone who truly believes in the intuitive essence of these sentient beings understands that pets find their way to you for a reason.

Falling in Love with Kiki

I don’t know how to love just a little. All my life it’s always been all or nothing, be it man or beast. So, it’s quite easy for me to fall in love with the dogs that come into my life as part of this “death row” dog mission, and it doesn’t take long. It’s a bittersweet moment when I hand them over to their “new” home. For me to turn my back on these dogs is not an option, despite the pain of letting go.

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