A Letter To Our Friends

It’s easier to just pull a dog from ‘death row’ and shuffle them off to another rescue.  We’ve chosen the more difficult and costly path of providing the dogs love, stability and nurturing until they blossom, for however long they need.  Knowing what I know about  trauma, emotions and the mammalian brain, I could not in good conscience do otherwise.

My Daily “Circus”

My Daily “Circus”

There’s a reason that I refer to my life on my little farm as a “one woman circus.”  Nothing is simple and everything is an adventure, sometimes one I would have gladly skipped.  For as long as I can remember, even as a child, I would embark on some project that should have been simple to complete, but because of a “what if” mentality, something I’m sure I inherited from my mother, turns into an almost newsworthy event.

Rover Rummage Sale

We are getting ready to have an official “open house/grand opening/celebration” in May to “showcase” our extraordinary dogs who are ready for adoption. In the meantime, we need to “spiff up” our facilities a little (lumber for training obstacle, agility equipment, portable kennels, dog beds , etc . . . and also take care of some veterinary needs (spay/neuters, dentals, etc.) for the dogs.

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