My Daily “Circus”

My Daily “Circus”

There’s a reason that I refer to my life on my little farm as a “one woman circus.”  Nothing is simple and everything is an adventure, sometimes one I would have gladly skipped.  For as long as I can remember, even as a child, I would embark on some project that should have been simple to complete, but because of a “what if” mentality, something I’m sure I inherited from my mother, turns into an almost newsworthy event.

Rover Rummage Sale

We are getting ready to have an official “open house/grand opening/celebration” in May to “showcase” our extraordinary dogs who are ready for adoption. In the meantime, we need to “spiff up” our facilities a little (lumber for training obstacle, agility equipment, portable kennels, dog beds , etc . . . and also take care of some veterinary needs (spay/neuters, dentals, etc.) for the dogs.

Annie’s Fund

I don’t question why a dog finds his or her way to me, so I never turn one away, regardless of circumstances. If I need another outdoor pen, then I build one. If they find me, they’re welcome here, and I do not believe in coincidences.

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