Because we are trying to move more toward a revenue-based model to support our nonprofit (as opposed to begging for donations), we are looking for products that we can offer in our online store, The Puppy Potpourri. Some time ago we put out a survey to our followers...

A Letter To Our Friends

It’s easier to just pull a dog from ‘death row’ and shuffle them off to another rescue.  We’ve chosen the more difficult and costly path of providing the dogs love, stability and nurturing until they blossom, for however long they need.  Knowing what I know about  trauma, emotions and the mammalian brain, I could not in good conscience do otherwise.

My Jimmy

    MY JIMMY You learn a lot about people by watching how they behave with their dogs. You find out that dogs are better judges of humans than you could ever be, and you learn that what some humans say masks some really damning beliefs and behavior in my book. . ....
Kibble and Canopies

Kibble and Canopies

We’re not going to “emotionally bait” you with photos and stories of some of our earlier hardship cases . . . the dogs pull at our heartstrings every day because of what they do and who they are . . . they have a love for learning and playing that is unrivaled even in humans. We are simply asking for help by contributing to this campaign.

Become A Patron of Our Dogs!

BECOMING A PATRON Writing is an important part of my personal life (not quite as important as the dogs!) and of our program.  If the current life situation for animals, especially companion animals that are destroyed on a daily basis as a means of population control...
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