A Crossroad for Lara

CROSSROADS, MIRACLES AND COMMITMENTS Maybe because I spend every waking minute with dogs, it’s easy for me to see the anguish in the faces of the trapped dogs  as I scan the many “code red” photos that drift through my Facebook newsfeed.   All they...

Prayers for Frankie

I knew he was sick when I pulled him from Roswell Animal Control yesterday, which means euthanasia was imminent, especially since NOBODY had shown any interest in him.

A Jailbreak for Toto and Frankie

Evidently, he knew and liked car rides, because he quickly wanted to get into the truck. He sat next to me like a perfect gentleman the whole 75 miles home. Every now and then he would look up into my eyes as I talked to him, and I could hear him sigh inside while wondering, “Am I really going home?”

A Golden Gentleman

This boy was initially listed by Roswell Animal Control as a female, Golden Retriever mix, and it turns out he is neither. It was pretty clear from subsequent photos that he was shutting down and getting depressed, so I went ahead and rescued him via adoption.

Saving “Faith”

  PLEASE USE THIS LINK TO DONATE TO SAVE FAITH AND HER BABIES. This mama dog and her 4 puppies are in Roswell Animal Control where they receive NO vet care, no vaccinations, no help for her and her babies. She and her babies have been huddled in the corner since...
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