Help for Cheyenne

Despite his pain and injuries, he remains kind and loving . . . he’ll be in training as a therapy dog once his injuries and pain are managed. Please share and donate what you can. He’ll be receiving treatments for the next month while being “hospitalized,” so this fundraiser is set up to last the duration of his time there.

The “Nueces County” Redemption

So why did I rescue him, and why didn’t I return him to the shelter as somehow “defective” and replace him with one that would not cost me so much? The answer to the first is that there was a look in his eye when I saw his photo. We connected on a different plane . . . and I heard him. I’ve always said that dogs find their way to the people they need to be with.

“Pint-size” Perfection

  It is sometimes amazing how quickly these little fellows wrap their paws around your heart. When Petey was at Roswell Animal Control, he spent a lot of time under his bed.  Those are the dogs who seem to call to me . . .  mostly because they are the most sensitive,...

The Eyes of Ezra

My feeling is that he is too young to spend the rest of his life, blind, especially, if his cataracts are congenital and can be removed. So we may be looking at eye surgery with a specialist down the road. I’m guessing it’s one of the reasons he was dumped at RAC.

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