Loving Lucia

Most of my memories of Lucia are written in my special, private journal . . . a place where Lucia and I have our conversations. It has been a big step in helping me heal my heart to some extent, at least enough to be able to function. If we’re wise enough to live in the moment with our pets, we have so many significant days. Cherish every minute they are willing to give you . . . they are gone from this plane of existence much too soon.

The Tip of the Iceberg

The Tip of the Iceberg

An important and critical component of our mission is to educate the public about canine ethology and emotional intelligence by showcasing the unique inherent talents of these dogs that we discover and nurture through our individualized training and enrichment program. Our program focuses on teaching every dog in our care to be a true partner and helpmate for their human.

A “Godwink” from Annie

A “Godwink” from Annie

Annie seemed to be asleep on the passenger side and the vet quietly opened the door. She came with the drugs and needle in hand. Annie lifted her head, looked at the vet and the needle, then stood up and moved away from the veterinarian and lay down close to me and faced her as if to say, “oh, no you don’t.”

A Song of Suzy

We have no right to impose our shortcomings, or our “lifestyle” on anyone else, and no right to squelch the joy and passion in another living being, human or non-human, because we think we know better, or disagree with their journey, or are in a bad mood. Yet we do this all the time to our children, parents, family, pets, friends. . . two of mine, supposedly well-meaning, which at this point I doubt, almost destroyed my joy, until Suzy made her way into my dreams.

At Her Own Pace

From all I’ve learned from dogs, they do not just simply walk away from a home where they are loved, and not return. Most of the impounded dogs listed as “strays” were actually taken by the owner and dumped somewhere far enough so that the dog cannot find the way home safely. And they remember that car ride.

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