Run Like the Wind

She should have been spending her time romping with a family and exploring the joys of puppyhood. Instead, at her young age of 7 months, if even that, she was dodging trains and vehicles, scrounging dumpsters for anything to eat, and hunkering down in the dry and brittle field grasses to avoid “capture.” What had happened to her to make her run away?

To Thomas of New York

“Thomas, we are so grateful for your generosity and kind heart. If you would like use the contact form to get in touch with me, I would be more than happy to send you an official tax receipt and a coupon for a digital download of any photo in my photo gallery.

A Perfect Puppy

I named this puppy from cage 35 of Roswell Animal Control after one of my favorite movies, because Omar Sharif had just died and in an interview about his role as Dr. Zhivago, he stated that “Zhivago was a perfect human” . . . that’s how I felt about this puppy. . . he is perfect.

A Crossroad for Lara

CROSSROADS, MIRACLES AND COMMITMENTS Maybe because I spend every waking minute with dogs, it’s easy for me to see the anguish in the faces of the trapped dogs  as I scan the many “code red” photos that drift through my Facebook newsfeed.   All they...
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